How To Keep Your Child Motivated During The Board Exam?

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How To Keep Your Child Motivated During The Board Exam?

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The exam season for the academic year has officially begun and the Students have pulled-up-their-socks and started preparation for board exam.

Amidst all the hard work, there can be times when your child loses interest in studies. Accordingly, it turns out to be extremely significant for you, as guardians, to enable your kid to remain inspired during the assessment stage. Most children deal with stress and anxiety during this time of the year. You (parents) may not be able to The change this situation, but you can, however, take small steps to make it easier for your child. Your support can go about as an impetus for expanding the presentation of your youngster. This article, discuss some points and help your child score well in the board exams and reduce stress.

Be available
Maintain a strong relationship with your child. Have meaningful conversations, share your experiences & learnings, show an interest in what fascinates your child and explore the areas of interest.The Students usually go through a lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure during the preparation phase. Be around your child. Stay aware of their needs, whether it’s a cup of the coffee to perk them up or just being available to address any concerns. Knowing that someone is there to help and support makes a huge difference to their mental well-being.

Use the right words
Parents must never compare your child with others of their age. This statement holds a lot of merits. Every child has his/her own strengths and allowing them to the build on them can help them be successful in the long run You should avoid statements like, “Your career depends on this exam”, and “If you want to do well in The life if you must do well in these exams.” It is good to make them realize the importance of marks & exams, but it should not be done keeping their well-being at thestake.the Pay attention to health, nutrition, and daily routine activities During the exam preparation time, The many students get so busy in their study schedule that eating and sleeping on time take a back seat. As parents, you need to encourage them to eat a healthy diet. Give them lots of fruit and juices.If your child prefers studying at night, you can advise them to take a few naps during the day. Also, ask your child to step away from books for a while and take a small walk or a stroll at least once a day.

Discuss their exam strategy
Most students don’t pay attention to their exam strategy and lose out on marks.preparation for board exam Sit with your child,discuss and plan on things such as, how to write answers, how to make the answers presentable, which the questions to attempt first, how to divide time between various sections, etc. This will help them perform better during the final exam. Nobody realizes your kid superior to anything you do. It is good to be involved in helping your child with his/her preparations. Give them an assurance that you are always there to support them. Learn together. Grow together.

Happy Learning!
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